An essential companion for every adventure.


Your personal outdoor chef. Compact, versatile, and electric.

Joulle is not just an outdoor cooking device; it's your versatile culinary companion. Brew a cup of coffee to jumpstart your morning, simmer a robust stew for lunch, or make a comforting hot chocolate under the stars.

Adventure with style

Compact and Robust

Experience the freedom of effortless packing with Joulle's compact design. Our device is built for last.


What is Joulle Kettle-Pot made of?
  • To perfectly accompany your outdoor activities, our cup body is made of 304 stainless steel combined with PPS+40% GF, the lid is made of PE, and the sleeve is made of neoprene. The materials we use for food contact surfaces meet FDA standards and are entirely BPA-free.
What is PPS+40%GF?
  • PPS is a high-strength, heat-resistant plastic. Compared to the PP/PC plastics used in ordinary indoor appliances, PPS offers greater impact strength and heat distortion temperature (PPS has an impact strength of 40 kJ/m², while PP is 20 kJ/m². The heat distortion temperature of PPS is 240℃, while PC is 140℃).
  • To ensure the Joulle Kettle-Pot can withstand every outdoor adventure, we enhanced PPS with an additional 40% glass fiber, significantly improving its mechanical and thermal properties. This gives it an impact strength of up to 100 kJ/m² and a heat distortion temperature of 270℃.
What is the power rating of Joulle Kettle-Pot?
  • The Joulle Kettle-Pot has a rated power of 500W (in Eat mode, the power reduces to 240W once the temperature reaches 100℃, and in POP mode, the power is 140W).
Is the Joulle Kettle-Pot dishwasher-safe?
  • No, the Joulle Kettle-Pot contains delicate electronic components. Using it in a dishwasher can cause short circuits or other damage. It is also recommended not to immerse the device in water when cleaning.
What can I use my Kettle-Pot for?
  • In addition to its built-in functions of boiling water, simmering, and making popcorn, the Kettle-Pot can also be used for simple cooking in "Eat" or "Pop" mode, thanks to its highly heat-resistant materials, to meet your occasional needs.