Stoke Voltaics was founded by adventurers, for adventurers. We empower everyone to discover the world with unmatched equipment for the modern explorer, energizing a passion for discovery.

Go Wider, Go Voltaic.

Whether you’re on the field or the trail you’re pushing the limits — of your body, of your mind, and of your tech. It’s the pursuit that keeps you going, keeps you exploring, pushing you towards your next adventure, your next discovery. The wildest possibility is always right around the next corner — why let anything hold you back? Stoke Voltaics make products for the envelope pushers, the five-am-hikers, the explorers who won't let anything get between them and the next summit. Outdoor tech that out-performs, out-lasts, and out-matches for adventures that never stop, our product line goes the extra-mile — just like you do. Why settle for bulky gear that holds you back? Designed in the spirit of explorers past with the technology of today, Stoke Voltaics amplifies what's possible in the field with gear that elevates the experience without compromising its values, gear so intuitive and streamlined you're not distracted from the reason you're out there in the first place. Your gear should empower you to be braver, to push further, and to expand your limits, because it's more than a weekend trip — it's the next great discovery in the great outdoors.