Popcorn knowhow

Do you ever wonder how those small, tough kernels turn into the fluffy, crunchy goodness of popcorn?

Actually, its principle is quite simple. The magic of popcorn lies in the fact that the kernels contain moisture inside. When heated, this moisture turns into steam, causing the kernels to expand and transform into the delightful popcorn we all love.

Imagine a camping get-together with friends, outdoor adventures with kids, or a quiet movie night alone. The joy would be doubled if you could bring along a fragrant batch of popcorn! Joulle Kettle-Pot is the perfect popcorn companion tailored for these scenes.

How Kettle Pot is Engineered for Popcorn

In the quest for the perfect popcorn, Joulle portable Kettle-Pot has gone through numerous efforts and experiments. According to "Popcorn: critical temperature, jump, and sound" published by The Royal Society, the temperature for popcorn making should be at least 180°C. To ensure the kernels pop to perfection, Joulle Kettle-Pot comes equipped with a built-in temperature controller set at 200°C, guaranteeing the ideal temperature for crafting that delightful batch of popcorn.On top of that,  Kettle-Pot features a unique temperature curve design, aiming for an perfect popcorn-cooking experience.

Joulle Kettle Pot

Surveying the market, Joulle Kettle-Pot's Pop function holds a distinct advantage compared to ordinary popcorn machines.

  • Compared to a stovetop popcorn maker, Joulle Kettle-Pot excels in temperature control, alleviating concerns about insufficient heat while ensuring a safer popcorn-making experience.

  •  Compared to a microwave popcorn popper, Joulle Kettle-Pot is more convenient, eliminating the need for a microwave. Additionally, with lower power consumption, it can be used with portable power sources.

  •  Compared to a hot air popcorn maker, Joulle Kettle-Pot allows for the creation of a variety of popcorn flavors.

Mastering the Popping Process

Making plain popcorn couldn't be simpler—just follow these 4 easy steps:

You can sprinkle your favorite seasonings on the plain popcorn, such as white cheddar, spicy sriracha, or buttery caramel. If you aren't satisfied with the basics, you can experiment by adding granulated sugar or chocolate for a popcorn experience with different flavors.

Although the steps for using  Kettle-Pot are quite simple, achieving the perfect batch of popcorn may not be as easy as it seems. Factors influencing the popping of kernels include but are not limited to:

  • Freshness of the popcorn kernels - Stale or older kernels might lead to a decrease in the popping rate of popcorn.
  • Storage conditions of the popcorn kernels - Both excessively humid and overly dry environments can impact the popping rate of popcorn kernels.
  • Cooking time - Sometimes, a shorter cooking time may result in not all popcorn kernels popping. By the way, there's no need to worry about overcooking and burning the container – Joulle Kettle-Pot comes with a 13-minute timer protection.

Now that you know how to use Joulle Kettle-Pot to make popcorn, go ahead and explore the flavors you love!


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